Writting assignment #2

I am following Birdie’s witting class, and this is my latest assignment. Her lesson is not about poetry, and I have not written a poem since junior high, I’m sure. But, when I followed her directions, a poem just jumped out of me. Here it is, largely unedited due to the subject of the poem demanding “read! Read!!”

And yes, this is very scary for me to post.

update: for some reason the paragraphs are not splitting up on the page the way I write them. I’ll try to figure that out later. It makes more sense split up into paragraphs.

Oh, Child of Mine

Oh, child of mine
Asleep in my arms
Nursing an imaginary breast
Your lips move in your sleep.

Your father, my love, strokes my hair
Always finding a way to touch me
Always reminding me of his love for me
Even while you lie between us.

You wake, with smiles for us both
Your nap, and ours, clearly over
Your face looks battered and we laugh
You are not battered, but stained with the summer’s first blueberries.

It’s snack time and you have your first taste of peaches
I didn’t want you to think
That hard, yellow, South American thing
Was a peach
And so I waited

Now I offer you a bite of a miracle
You take a piece in your hands, crush it, then return it to me
“Away” you command, as you hand me a bit of peach pulp
that must not touch your tray.

You take another piece and touch it to your tongue.
“Like!” you proclaim, and put it in your mouth. “Yummy!”
The juice drips from your chin.
“More please!” you request.
I happily oblige.

You finish your snack and I ask you what we should do next.
“Pool!” you say, “Towel! Get!”
And I agree.

We head to the pool
Outside you splash in the cool water
You hate the water in your eyes,
but love to laugh as the water flies all around you.
You decide the laugh is worth it, and continue splashing.

Oh, child of mine,
My heartbeat,
Do you know that the sunlight kissing your head
Brings me more joy than I can articulate?

Tonight, the jealous sky will try
To match the beautiful color of your hair.
It will put on a spectacular show
But fail in its objective.

The day is done
The evening meal eaten
The bath given
We are in bed once again
You and I
This time your nursing is not imaginary
You fall asleep in my arms.

Oh, child of mine,
You were born in winter,
But now you are a child of summer.
The summer’s sun is hot
But never will it outshine my love for you.




9 responses to “Writting assignment #2

  1. She’s a peach! No wonder she likes them.

  2. Nancy. That is beautiful! Really! I’m not a big fan of poetry but I was entranced with this. I’m glad you were brave enough to put it out here.

  3. Oh my gosh, I am totally crying! I love this, love that you wrote a poem using the crazy lesson. I have been having trouble posting at BlogHer (not my fault – they are working on the issue), but now I know why. I have to feature your gorgeous words, Nancy.

    I am definitely missing you and your sweet family right now.

  4. This is so beautiful. I got a wee bit teary-eyed myself.

    Why scary?

  5. Just delighted in your poem. It reads so easily, so poignantly, capturing the complete adoration us moms do have. I call them big mother bear attacks: no one would dare get caught between your child and your love.

  6. nancy, that is beautiful!

  7. You are truly an artist with words…I saw it all as you wrote it. Beautiful! Always write, you were meant to do it! And your little girl is wonderful too..

  8. what a lovely poem…i could just see her little face even before the picture. i agree w/ margaret- you are meant to write.
    i look forward to reading more…


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